2001-07-23 11:26 p.m.

Job update

Time just flies by, doesn't it? Whether you're having fun or not.

So glad to see the old roommate leave town. Fun at first, a fat, sweaty, slob that was making himself WAY too much at home before the week ended.

Worked at the radio station Saturday and then went to a wedding Saturday night. It was our old next door neighbor marrying a man she only met a few months ago. They both looked incredibly happy and it was a beautiful wedding.

Today I began some job hunting. haha That was a joke. I did go up to the station to see what the hold up is on a job. They are as flakey as my grandmother's biscuits. I got aggravated enough to go to another station in town and offer my services even on a part-time basis. It might not be advisable to give up a part-time job just to take another part-time job, but the professionalism and straight-shooting from station number two is impressive. Even if no full-time job develops from it anytime soon I think I can be happier and I can make more money.

These entries lately have certainly been superficial. That's probably good. It means I'm not overexamining my life. Everything is good right now.

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