Sunday, Jan. 16, 2022 1:18 pm

Cowboy Sunday

I need to get ready to leave. I'm going to go to the grocery and return some things the shopper bought that I didn't order and then get at least the correct coffee. I can't use whole bean (well, I don't want to).

Yesterday was cold and windy all day long. Really cold. I stayed in my housecoat and gown and dozed and read on the couch and watched TV all evening. Lazy lazy, but it felt great. Today I've had a tiny bit more activity. I've at least washed dishes and cleaned the litter box. I have a TON of recyclables I need to haul out to the can for Tuesday's trash day. Just getting them all out of the living room will make things look much clearer.

Tomorrow plumbers are coming to actually fix the pipe problem in the way. My home owner's warranty should pay about half of it. Total is $2000.

Mom fell on Friday and bumped her head in two places and cut her hand. But later that day she'd forgotten what had happened and hasn't complained about her head or soreness so we are just dropping the discussion. Glad it didn't hurt her worse.

I've been watching Queer Eye a lot this week. It just makes me sob! It is all in Austin so it makes me a bit homesick, but mostly because the people they are helping are such good people and the guys are so kind. Interesting that a show without any meanness can succeed so well.

I am still "dry" for Dry January. My sister fell off the wagon a couple of days ago. I figure I might as well keep going. I'd LIKE to drink some wine, but I'm not desperate for it so I'll carry on. Maybe I can make two more weeks. Halfway there already.

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