Wednesday, Apr. 17, 2024 11:05 am

Eclipse 2024

The eclipse was 9 days ago, but I will make an entry just about it. I should have written about it as soon as we saw it.

Yes, seeing a full eclipse maybe should be on your bucket list. From my experience and most that I've talked to, the difference between a partial eclipse and a full eclipse is like .... hmmm, some satisfying macaroni and cheese and a gourmet meal. The real thing was pretty mind-blowing.

My sister came over for it. She was going to bring lunch and bring the eclipse glasses. I was afraid I was going to miss it because she was so late! I did step outside and a neighbor was outside with her glasses so she loaned them to me so I could see it in progress. My sister did make it (but without lunch dangit).

We just stood on the lawn and, man, when it was total and the world was DARK we were amazed. The sky still did have light and clouds you could see, but down here on earth it was really truly dark. And much cooler, too. The corona was exactly as described, but also nothing that can be described. We could see the solar protrusions (I think that was the name instead of solar flares) in places. And then the "diamond ring" was spectacular as the real sun began to emerge.

I did no work that day. My sister came in and visited a long while. It was a holiday in feeling. I hope everyone that could see it, did see it. It was also fun for me that I knew people in Indiana and Ohio and New York that were all experiencing it soon after me.

Yes, I should have written it down at the time. It is one of those things I remember was "awesome" but I can't quite remember the real experience. My camera video was rolling during a minute of it, unbeknownst to me. I wish I had intentionally videoed some of it, but what I got is pretty cool. Mostly us going "OMG" and you see a bit of the dark neighborhood and the sun's corona except much brighter than it was in real life.

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