Friday, Jun. 26, 2020 1:28 pm


So I wake up and notice the new roll of toilet paper sucks! This is Charmin, why is it so thin??? I look at the package and see it is "Charmin Essentials." Dammit. Bait and switch. I got crappy one-ply toilet paper when I thought it was the real deal. And it is all I have until I make a trip to the grocery. Even Instacart will only get you whatever they can. You can't be guaranteed the good stuff.

Then I get a text from my sister that ANOTHER staff member at my mother's home facility has COVID. So Mom's on another 10 day lockdown (they were already a week into a lockdown for another case of COVID). I don't know what their plan is if a resident gets it.

Then I read the email and see that my company is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Not really a surprise and the extended furlough, etc., is still in place so hopefully nothing changes dramatically. But, also, realistically, it seems like the people that keep our devices working might be more important to the company than the people that make them SOUND good so who knows how important I am to them as an individual. But, since I DO know how to use the software, I hope that is a plus. It's not something anyone can be hired to do that would already know.

We are about to have our Furlough Friday gathering. I will join in. I'll see what the others think about the bankruptcy.

And of course, the COVID in Texas is worse than ever. The govt had their first COVID briefing in two months (back when they got bored with the whole thing). Texas is closing up the bars again and limiting the restaurants again.

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