Monday, Jun. 20, 2022 9:14 am

Back Home

And I am back home and it was a good weekend. Pam and Galen are both declining just a bit, her maybe a bit faster. But they forge on and he is still a great cook. They are both very sweet. I also got some plants from Dave.

Dave has a new dog (total 3 dogs and 4? cats) now. Tension in the household about it, no doubt. I didn't stay long.

I fell on the front walkway yesterday at their house (G&P). My knee is scraped and blue, my elbow is scraped. I'm sore. It could have been way worse. I am SO big and so unwieldy.

I made a long list of today's activities and now I want to enjoy that they've been done, but I don't want to DO them at all. It is lovely that today is a holiday (the first Juneteenth federally) and I have tomorrow off, too. I want to do something to enjoy it and something to make it productive, too. Bare minimum I hope I wash some sheets.

I don't have much food in the house and I need to go visit Mom. Thinking about donuts to take to her? I don't know.

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