Saturday, Sept. 08, 2018 3:13 pm

Antsy Afternoon

I am so antsy. I need to choose something to do and DO IT. I keep flitting from one thing to another and nothing gets accomplished.

Mainly I need to go try on my clothes for the wedding tomorrow (HA & DW). I have the dress clean, I just need to know what I look like if I put tighter undergarments on underneath it. I with I had a full body stocking.

I also keep waiting for it to rain. If it would dump down like it is supposed to I could go take a nap!

Must type for the doctor. Would love to clean the porch (and if I did that I could nap out there)...

Plus I want to snack and there is nothing to snack on. I watched a documentary about bread and now I am craving a big loaf from Sprouts.

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