Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014 9:53 pm

Book Club

Time has flown and as I read my last entry I see that some things have improved tremendously (my hip and leg pain is practically a non-issue) and some hasn't (the *&%&$&& cedar fever!). And I am dealing with a new issue, my lady parts aren't as skinny as the doctor would like them so he wants to put me out and do some things to see what's up. It is scary to think about it and it is always scary to be put out. It is on my mind completely tonight. I will call and see about the appointment tomorrow morning.

I worked from home today and I worked from home Friday, both because of our rare snow/ice days. I'm glad I can work from home and I'm glad I DID work from home. But I also hope I can go in tomorrow. I definitely work better when I am there.

I have got to write a note to my future self and say, again, "Do NOT, under any circumstance, go to the next book club meeting." I have skipped some, but then time goes by and they plan another and it will be at someone's house that I love and I want to see or one of my better friends tells me she will be there (and then flakes on me) and I think that that will be a good opportunity to see her... whatever the reason, it NEVER turns out as good as I hope or even good at all. I have conquered (well, my drugs have conquered) some of the anxiety that I had when facing these things before. I didn't have the anxiety last night that I often do. But I still didn't have fun. I won't go into all the reasons, but I'm glad it is over and I will NEVER GO AGAIN. I have set up my email where I can write emails to be sent later. Maybe I should send one to arrive every week saying, "Dear Future Me: DO NOT GO TO BOOK CLUB."

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