Wednesday, Jan. 01, 2014 10:11 am

The New Year Arrives

Happy New Year to me! How long has this diary been going on? Since 1999? Amazing. Now I need to go into the guts of it and separate all the 2013 entries from 2014.

A pretty low key entry into the New Year. Mark worked yesterday and then we did go out to eat at Texas Land and Cattle. It was a long wait to get in, but we managed to get to sit at the bar pretty soon and drink a glass of wine (me) and cup of coffee (him). Then we had to wait a long time for food at the table and then his was the wrong steak so I ate while we waited for him to get the right food. But we had no where else to be so we were patient and our waiter was glad of that. I had a second glass of wine (my last for a while) and I was mellow.

We came home and finished out the very exciting Texas A&M win over Duke in the Fiesta Bowl. It was fun to see an exciting game. Most have been pretty dull so far.

Game ended and Mark is asleep on his chair. I went on to bed and read on Fear of Flying for a while. Saw the clock before midnight and then at 12:08. New Year had arrived safely. There were lots of fireworks outside that I could hear. And off to sleep.

Mark's got plans all day and night today so I will organize my office and prepare for the short work week. And watch some football.

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