2001-07-30 4:53 p.m.

New Job

I did make the job switch and Sunday was my first day on the air on the new station. A few glitches but it generally went well and the new boss is happy and I'm very happy. They are paying me better than the old station and probably better than most of their employees because they want me to be happy. I hope I can develop this into more work and maybe full-time, even if it isn't with a full-time airshift in Austin.

Sister and family came down from Dallas for the weekend. They were supposed to be down early enough Friday night so that we could go to San Antonio to see Mark playing at a new Border's Books where the boys wouldn't be exposed to the evils of drinking and smoking. The family got a very late start on their trip because they bought a new car so they didn't make it. We didn't do a lot of the things they planned for the weekend but it was pleasant to see them. I was beginning to stress out over the new job so I was ready to see them go so I could concentrate on that.

Today I have been paying bills and dealing with many many small hassles. I'm missing a check that I thought was right on the desk. Disturbing.

We had another kitten show up to be adopted last night. A sweet little Siamese girl. She got along fine with Nathan Jr. but we just aren't ready to be a two cat family. A neighbor will take her if we don't find another home for her. Today she is at the vet making sure she doesn't have something wrong that can be passed on to our neighbor's nine other cats.

This day has gone too fast.

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