Monday, Jan. 06, 2014 8:42 am

Back to Work

I'm sitting here at the computer totally bored. I don't want to click on links, I don't want to write an email, I don't want to read the news. That's pretty pathetic to be asking the world to entertain me, but not being willing to even participate enough to click. I guess that's when you should turn on the TV.

It is back to work and back to the real world today. I did work at the office Thursday (some) and at home on Friday (ahem, less), but it is back to reality today if I can make it. My leg is aching, but I can walk better than I could last week so that is a start. Today is day 17 of my pinched nerve and not one day has been "normal" since it started. I'm definitely better after 2 trips to acupuncture, 3 trips to physical therapy, and 2 trips to a chiropractor, but there is still a lot to go. I still want to see my doctor to see what the medical response is to a pinched nerve, go back to acupuncture as soon as I can (I'm hoping today), and get back to my old chiropractor who I adore, but I got upset with a year ago and haven't been back since then. I will call him today.

I have had bad luck with calendars and appointment books already this year. I bought a diary and a good appointment book early this year to be ready. The other night when I was taking a hot bath for my hip I took the appointment book into the bathroom just to look at one thing and damn if I didn't drop that sucker right into the water and it got soaked in an instant. So now it is dry but it is all ballooned out and some pages are stuck and I don't know if it will be usable. The other was a diary from Moleskine. They make the best diaries and notebooks and I found a new diary by them that has a full day per page and is identified as 2014, not just a generic year or blank notebook. I bought it, but where is it? I would have assumed I would put it in my bedside table where I keep my diary, but when I went there to get it on January 1 it wasn't there. I cleaned out all the 20+ books around my bed the next day and no diary. If it isn't there, I have no clue where I've put it. I would THINK if it weren't there I just laid it down somewhere or stuck it close by, but if I had done that, I think I would have run across it in the last few weeks. I went to a restaurant as soon as I bought it and now I'm wondering if I left it there? Or in my friend's car? That's another possibility except surely she would have found it by now.

So meanwhile, my year is being recorded in a Big Chief tablet. Those are in short supply in this world, though, so I need to find a diary.

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