Monday, Dec. 30, 2013 1:19 pm


An eventful weekend. My sweet younger nephew is going to be a groom. Hooray for him and his sweet bride. I met her last spring when I went to DC with Mom and sister. He was goo-goo eyed over her then and we knew they were heading for serious even though they'd only known each other a couple of months. Then he brought her on her first trip to Texas in July when he was in a wedding. He wanted to show her off to all of his college friends. They stayed with us and we got to know her pretty well. She's level-headed, smart, calm, mature, and beautiful. We can see why he is smitten. We are smitten, too. She's adorable.

He bought a ring when he was home for Christmas and took it with him to Indiana after Christmas. He sweetly asked permission from her parents first and then asked her Saturday night. I am eager to make her my niece and welcome her into the family. So I guess we can expect 2 weddings in 2014. One in Indiana will be interesting.

I have been to doctors and then realized I needed acupuncture. I don't know why that didn't hit me sooner. I got some great comfort and relief on Saturday from a treatment and just went again today for more. It is doing so much more than PT.

Now I am working from home getting organized for my New Year.

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