2001-07-19 12:13 p.m.


In the last week I feel like I've driven a million miles. Went to Dallas, rounded up the folks and took them to Lawton, OK, for a cousin's wedding. Came back and then picked up the sister in addition to the folks and went to Shreveport to contribute a good chunk of change into the local economy. Back to Dallas and then back home on Tuesday. Happy to be here again.

Barely here when company came down from Dallas. Mark's old roommate and high school buddy is here until who knows when. He's having a great vacation so he may be here a while. He's easy company so I'm enjoying his stay too.

I got a new computer while in Dallas and so far I'm loving the speed and the clear pictures it has for me. I've still got lots of tweaking to do to get old programs reinstalled and to get files moved from the old computer to this one, and then, eventually, to get the two computers networked together so we can both be online at the same time or I can be writing that novel while Mark is eBaying. Sure, I will.

Went to Katz for the first time last night. I've had food from there before but I've never eaten in. It was good, if you like that New York atmosphere. haha It was a change of pace. Mark played upstairs at Momo's. It was a fun night with the girlfriend of the bass player there to gossip with along with the old roommate. Fast gig, early gig and then home.

Lots of topics rolling around my head that I'd like to explore, but another time. The guys are showering and cleaning up and we're about to go explore South Congress and see more of Austin. Tonight it will be a nice long dinner at El Arroyo.

For an unempoyed woman I sure am busy.

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