Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014 8:29 am

A Good Saturday Ahead

I've had two days away from work and that is very nice, even though one certainly wasn't vacation. Of course, I feel the need to do some work here at home over the weekend because I'm afraid I'll fall behind if I don't. Or at least be overworked and overwhelmed Monday.

Thursday I went to doctors all afternoon. The pinched nerve is improving tremendously. I hit some pain after being on it for very long or walking a little ways, but it is so much better I can almost forget that it happened.

When I got through the appointments I called Mark, thinking he might be on a dinner break at the show he is working, and I found him at a pizza place downtown. I joined him for a slice and a little visit before I headed on home. That was nice.

Yesterday, plans that had earlier been canceled came back and my cousin Amy and I headed to Comanche. We had a really fun day, talking up and back constantly, and seeing another cousin in Comanche for lunch, shopping, and, the purpose of the trip, to see the newly remodeled old depot and the Quanah Parker exhibit they had on display. I enjoyed every minute of it and only wished I could have driven all over town and visited every person I know up there.

But, boy, was I dragging by the time we got back to her house at 6 p.m. The cedar is super high right now. Downtown looked like it was in a fog in the morning and there was a heavy smog all over central Texas that is visible. We were both suffering from itchy eyes mostly. I got home and washed my eyes and then crashed and slept for a long time on the couch in front of the fire. It was lovely and necessary.

Mark had a gig last night so he wasn't home until late. I accomplished absolutely nothing as I waited for him. Today he will be working and I have high hopes of house cleaning, creativity, and fun.

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