2001-07-13 1:39 a.m.

Off to Gamble

Friday the thirteenth. This week has gone fast even though I have been totally bored at times. First "real" week of unemployment and did I do anything to find me a job? Nope. Nada.

Tomorrow I get my severence check and then I'm off to gamble with my parents. Yep, we'll see if I can double or triple it. My sister is going too. I do believe this will be the first trip with just the four of us, our little nuclear family, in so many years I can't even think. It will be interesting. My folks and I have gone gambling before, just the three of us, and we've gone gambling with my non-gambling husband along. My sister and her non-gambline husband have taken the folks along to Vegas but never have the four die-hard, bet-it-all gamblers gone together. This could be dangerous. Keep an ear to the police scanners.

Just got off the phone after an hour with my dearest friend B! in Idaho. After a long download like that there isn't much to put here.

Next update will be next week after the gambling trip. And it might be on my new computer. Next week I am investing in an upgrade and I'm going to network (or have networked) the two computers so when hubby is online (which is ALL THE TIME) I can be online too, or at least on the computer is some capacity. Maybe that novel will finally get written. haha And as my sides split, I'll get ready for bed.

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