2001-07-10 12:58 a.m.

Random Monday thoughts

My plan for tonight was to scan photos from our final party from the job and post them for the others. And I can't get the scanner to work for me tonight. Frustrating.

Today really felt like my first day of unemployment--being a Monday and no work to be done and no work in sight. Pretty weird. I went downtown and downtown seemed to big and rushed and hectic. Made me long for that sweet little town in Kansas we were in last week or some sweet little Hill Country town. I guess I'd better buy the lottery ticket this week.

I went to my bank in my old building (and had to PAY to park downtown!). Dropped in on the old office and talked with the old boss that has his job until the end of the month.

Visited a neighbor in the hospital that had surgery this morning. That is one advantage of being unemployed is that there is time to do nice things.

Stopped at a $7 haircut place and had my hair cut by a woman who spoke no English and obviously didn't understand my quest for "short, but not TOO short." If hair grows about 1/2 inch per month I believe I'll have enough to comb by Christmas. Man, it is short. I'll have girls hitting on me by the weekend, I'm afraid.

Tonight I went through my files from the job and threw everything away. Sad to have SO MUCH INFORMATION that is so unusable in any other job.

Read through all my TWC unemployment information. Pretty grim stuff. If I turn down a job I can lose benefits. I was heartened to see that I don't lose too much by working part-time. The part-time money doesn't take away from unemployment dollar for dollar so it does make it somewhat worthwhile to be working. And of course, it makes your unemployment benefits last longer. Hope I don't need them all. When I was unemployed the last time I ran out of benefits, went through the six months or so that you can't get money and then was eligible again. I sure don't want to go through that long cycle again.

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