2001-01-30 7:21 pm

Stir crazy with laryngitis

I'm going a little stir crazy. I have laryngitis and I have it bad. I went to Dallas over the weekend to see the band. It was a fun weekend. I had been feeling a little sick Thursday and Friday but just allergy sick, not "real" sick. Saturday night at the club I was drinking whiskey and talking way too much and way too loud because I had friends there I hadn't seen in almost two years. Having a great time. At the end of the night in the smokey bar I felt the little catch in my throat that always gives me warning that laryngitis in on the way. There's no way to stop it at that point but I know it is coming. Sure enough, first thing Sunday morning I try to say something, anything, and I have only a whisper. I spent the drive home in the backseat and listened to the conversation between Mark and the sax player in the front and tried to conserve and heal.

I watched the SuperBowl in silence and hoped I would be able to work on Monday but knew that it was hopeless. Yes, I really did want to work! I love my job and it is easier to do the job than explain it to someone else to take it over.

Monday morning dawned and no voice. I slept away a lot of the day and hoped I'd get a voice back. No luck.

Tuesday, today, dawns and there is no voice again. I really didn't expect it to be. So today I got a doctor's appointment. The doctor didn't offer much hope either. It is all allergy, not strep or any kind of infection that can really be treated. This will just have to go away on its own and he expected I'd be out the rest of the week. I called the boss and he was cool with it. I told him I wasn't contagious and I could come in and do something that didn't require talking but he told me to just rest. I've told you before what a great boss I have, haven't I?

So tonight I'm just kind of scouting about for something to do. I don't really feel like doing anything. Not even TV or reading. The one "urge" I have is to clean up this house. I had it so nice and clean last weekend before Mark got home from his tour. It has fallen into disarray since then. My holdback is this: Last night Mark wanted to go to see Dale Watson play at Ego's. Instead of being my usual agreeable self, much to his dismay, I said I really didn't want him to go. I was sick, he'd been out all day, he hadn't given me much nursing and loving and I felt like I deserved some care. He still wanted to go out. So I told him he could go out if he would clean house today. That was the deal.

So today dawns. I make coffee and begin unloading some of the dishwasher. Mark tells me to stop because he will clean house. I stop. That was at 11 am and it is now 7:30. He did take me to lunch and the doctor, which was very sweet and considerate but other than that the house is still a mess. Not only a mess, but he stripped the bed to wash the sheets so I can't even go curl up in a clean bed. Dirty dishes, unvacuumed floor, laundry everywhere, dirty bathrooms and he's out working on knife things and drum things in his shop. He assures me he knows he has to clean the house but it is frustrating to wait and have no where to "be" while I'm waiting for this cleaning to go on.

I think I'll go back to the guest room and curl up in the quilt again and watch something stupid on TV. And wait to hear the vacuum.

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