2001-01-21 Late

Inauguration and catch up

I can't believe two weeks have gone by since I updated. I thought with Mark off on tour I'd have lots of time to update regularly.

Quick catch up for myself. Mamma got out of the hospital and is in a nursing home now. I visited her there today and it is much more depressing than any of the assisted living placed she's been. Depressing out in the halls and main areas but her room is nice.

My sister came to visit for several days. We wore ourselves out going to stores and running around and eating out and then I would go on to work. Would have been a better visit but it poured rain and was very cold most of the time she was here. We went to see Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock. Loved the movie but was surprised how little of Austin is recognizable in the movie despite tying up our downtown traffic for weeks on end. Actually, none of Austin is recognizable but I since I was there the day they did the car skidding along Congress and she rushes into the Starbucks in my building I know those are Austin.

My old college friend Sandy came for a night too and we had a nice time. I haven't seen her in three years and for the most part another three years won't be too bad to wait before seeing her again. We don't have a lot in common anymore. She doesn't drive me nuts like she used to but it's just one of those albatross relationships that will always be there.

All the company left last Sunday and I crashed and slept hard for hours. This week I've been back on the diet and working hard and cleaning house and organizing. I really have to say I've gotten more done on this tour of Mark's than I usually do. I even got creative and painted a table that I've been fiddling with for a long time.

Saturday I spent much of the day watching the Inauguration. I certainly wasn't happy with the way the voting and recounting went in Florida and it makes me uneasy as to how much George W. Bush can do as president but I really like him and I think he is a good, honest man and I really think that is more important than any political savvy or super intelligence. I loved all of the Texas connections during the weekend and enjoyed seeing the UT band and Bevo and the Kilgore Rangerettes. I'm a sucker for all things Texan and I think I will really enjoy this four years of a Texas-centric government. I'm sure everyone in the other 49 and all non-natives in our state are going to get really sick and tired.

On my mind the most the last few days is an e-mail I got this week. I'll save the story for another time but it is basically a guy that I went out with a few times, the brother of a friend, that turned out to be very very weird. In fact, I am not convinced that he might not have murdered his wife. He got angry with me when I turned down a date with him in 1992 and then when I found my husband and fell in love and he was told (through a friend---I would have nothing to do with him at this point) he became very very angry. I even talked to the police at the time because of concerns over what he might do. He was gone from my life until a few years ago when I got e-mail because he heard me on the radio up in the Panhandle of Texas when I was on my previous radio job on satellite nationwide. I, of course, did not respond to the e-mail. Now I've heard from him again because he found another website I have that is for my listeners. Creeps me out that now he knows I'm still around. I certainly will not answer the e-mail but I keep expecting to see another in my mailbox from him. I'll tell the whole wild story another time. It's a story I need to record just for myself so I don't forget the little details and for the record in case the guy comes in and stabs me to death some night. If I ever get murdered, or, heaven forbid, my sweet husband does, this would be the first guy I'd tell them to question. You know how in the TV shows they alwasy say, "No, he had no enemies"? This guy, to me, is an enemy.

On that creepy creepy ending, I'll stop and hope there is another entry soon.

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