December 30, 2001 9:27 pm

New Year's Resolutions

The new year is almost here. Friday Breeze at the Three of Cups told me that in numerology it will be a 4 year and a 4 means order and stability. She said we had to have the chaos and the uncertainty of this year to achieve the order next year. I sure hope so. I'm ready for some order and stability in my life again.

I think I've missed two days of our Holidailies and I might very well miss tomorrow. I know I will if I forget to put something down before we leave for Dallas because once we hit the road I won't have a computer until we get home. Mark has a gig in Dallas tomorrow night so that is why we are going. We'd much prefer a quiet Austin welcome to the new year. We haven't gotten to do that yet. Two years ago was the horrible debacle in Dallas with the girlfriend of the bass player creating a whole situation that sucked us all in to her misery. Last year I was sick as a dog and couldn't go to Mark's Austin gig although I was there by phone. I hope all goes well this year and it is a happy, fun, peaceful beginning to a new year.

Today I was much better than yesterday and it has been a good day. Read the paper and drank coffee. Worked on bills and surveyed the situation for January, which might be survivable. We had good Mexican food at Maudie's and went to the Citywide Garage Sale at the coliseum. There's a great book and paper dealer that we've sold some things to and given some things to. Mark had bought me Lady Bird Johnson's 1st edition White House Diary from him before but today he gave me another copy with a better dust jacket and her card in it. The edition I have is signed to I'll combine the best of the two. Very nice gift to stumble into.

Tonight after Mark left for his gig I got the Christmas tree undecorated and dragged to the street without too many pine needles staying behind. So the house is de-Christmased but everything is still in the garage needing to be sorted and packed and a bunch needs to be thrown away this year.

I keep fighting the urge to have resolutions. I'm just transferring them to "it would be nice to . . ." instead. Yes, it would be nice to lose weight, it would be nice to write more, etc. I am not resolving or quantifying or setting deadlines this time. None. Not one. Nada.

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