2001-12-30 12:31 a.m.

Big ol' full moon

I wrote last night that UT was screwed barring some miracle. It was cool to watch that miracle unfold and see a great ending to a football game.

Either the tenseness or the football game, or the two glasses of wine, or just staying up hours later than I am used to, or getting up later than I'm used to, therefore having coffee much much later than usual---something along these lines caused me a massive headache this morning. I took Excedrine, drank coffee, used aromatherapy, rubbed my ears. I never did feel "good" today but the headache was mostly gone by the time I had to go to work. I hate how a headache can kill a day.

The full moon is incredible tonight. The moonlight is so bright. Our entryway is enclosed on three sides so that there is no street lights shining onto it if the porch light is off. Tonight you could read a book out there. The sparkles in the concrete walk are bright reflecting moonlight. And I think that is Jupiter directly next to it, also shining brightly. I amassed my stones and crystals and took them out to bask in the moonlight. Don't know if that is stupid or not but all the crystal books say the energy needs to be recharged and that is one way. I'll see if I can feel more energy from them tomorrow.

Mark is the most wonderful husband on earth but I quite frequently want him to be more wonderful or more perfect. Frequently I fume to myself that he never thinks about me and my meals while I always worry about him and whether he needs to eat. Tonight he suprised me tremendously. I left work and knew that I was starved so I stopped at Whole Foods and got some ready-made food to bring home for dinner. I also thought Mark might have already eaten but I got enough for both of us. When I got home and he saw the sack he said, "Oh, I was afraid of that." He had ordered pizza and had it waiting for me. Mine easily went into the refrigerator and can be saved until tomorrow. I really appreciated the pizza and the thought so I'll give him a break for a day or two.

And I passed my defensive driving course today. Hooray. All done. Just waiting now for the official certificate to send to the city and my insurance.

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