December 31, 2001 1:01 pm

Happy New Year

Well, I am getting an entry in for the last day of the year. I'm killing some time while Mark loads up his drum gear and tries to make enough room for it, me and the sax player, who has decided to ride with us to Dallas for tonight's gig.

I've been thinking since last night of all of the things I am grateful for as we close out this year. I am grateful for my health and Mark's good health. I started the year with the flu and had a week long case of laryngitis in January and once I got through that it has been a good year. When I took the week off sick I was unhappy because I hate being off sick and I hated "wasting" a whole week of sick days, all I had, at one time. When the layoff announcement came, I was glad I had taken them when I did. Another thing to be grateful for.

I am grateful I have a job. It has its downside and it isn't my ideal, but it beats digging ditches and it beats nothaving any money at all and it has potential so I am happy to have it right now.

I'm grateful to have such a sweet kitty cat. I haven't had a cat since I grew up on the farm and they were in abundance (except for that one bad experience in the early '80s with the cat that hated me) and it is great to have a creature around that is funny and sweet and cuddly. It lowers my blood pressure to have Nathan Jr. to talk to and pet.

I am grateful for the sweet husband I have. I won't over-gush but I compare him to any other husband I know and he is far and away the best husband there is and the best husband for me. This has been a rough year for me in our marriage, but I am forever grateful that he is the one that said yes!

This year I've been especially aware of how grateful I am for my eyesight, my hearing, my mind, my natural haircolor and a million other things that we often take for granted. I hope I can keep the appreciation and the perspective into the new year.

2001 has been chaotic from being sick in January to our tumultuous relationship especially early in the year to the layoff and uncertainty of unemployment for both of us to the horror of a new job that isn't what I expected (several of them, in fact) to the horror of September 11 and the fear of facing terrorists in our country to the minor inconvenience of having my stereo and CDs stolen a week before Christmas. It's been a bad year for most everyone, I hear, and I think there is no doubt things will improve. Now, whether they'll get worse before they get better, I can't begin to guess but I'm going to hope for the best in this new hopeful 2002.

Happy New Year to each of my readers. Hope you both have a great New Year's Eve. ha Glad I've kept my sense of humor.

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