2001-12-25 10:11 p.m.

Christmas Day 2001

I missed an entry yesterday---too much going on on Christmas Eve. I had to work yesterday morning and it was a dull morning, uneventful, but at least not stressful. Home immediately after the shift and a tizzy trying to get everything together to get on the road.

Up to Dallas, stopped for some deliveries of knives Mark had made and then on to my sister's. We had socializing, eating, talking, eating, eggnog, eating and more eating. Up too late (for me) watching the White House Christmas tour on Tivo.

This morning a nephew knocked loudly at 8 a.m. trying to get us roused and down the stairs to open presents. They are becoming calmer about their pleas to open gifts but that is still the highlight of their Christmas. With no gifts exchanged among the adults it was a much faster gift exchange but still just as fun, maybe better.

We stuffed and ate breads and candy and fruitcake and coffee and mimosas while opening gifts and then my sister cooked a big meal of ham and eggs.

We finally got out and on the road again but decided to go visit Mark's mother and her husband. Good to get a visit out of the way to them (that is a terrible attitude) but she was in a good friendly mood and it was an easy visit. I was just anxious to get on home to Austin and relax before the day got away.

We did get on the road to home by 2 and I slept enough and Mark drove fast enought that we were home by 5:30.

Gifts to each other here at home (although we had scaled down tremendously this year too) and phone calls to friends to see how their Christmas went.

Started watching some TV which made it feel like any night, not Christmas, and now it looks like we are back in the regular workweek mode again. Almost, I'm still up way too late to have to get up so early in the morning.

But tomorrow the better half of my morning team will be back from vacation and it should be entertaining at least.

A boring report on my Christmas, I'll try to get more colorful and creative in a future entry. I need to write when I'm rested and unhurried.

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