2001-12-26 10:10 p.m.

Underwear and Willie

Back to work this morning and a half hour of the half of the morning team that is with me this week is better than a week of the morning team half that was there last week. I laughed so hard this morning that I almost hurt myself. Honestly, I wish I could work with just these two guys everyday and be a bigger part of the show myself. The others are nice people: Interesting and amusing, but not funny.

One particularly amusing anecdote this morning was how one of the guys had to give his brother-in-law a gift for Christmas because the family drew names. He didn't have time to get it and get it mailed so his wife did it for him and she bought a sweater (fine) and boxer shorts (not-so-fine). The running gag of the morning was that men can't give men underwear, which brings me to my in-laws.

Mark has a very nice mother and a great step-father. But they are very cheap. His step-father is quite a wealthy man, coming from a family that at one time owned all of North Dallas when it was still farmland and waited to sell it until the 1970s. Yes, they made a bundle. Plus, he had a big career of his own in engineering, plus, he's cheap! Their favorite pasttime is going to garage sales and estate sales and seeing what kind of bargains they can get.

Frequently, he buys boots for Mark because he knows Mark loves boots. When he buys these boots he doesn't GIVE them to Mark, he sells them. This has gone on for years and amuses us to no end. We were quite surprised yesterday when Les showed Mark a new pair of boots he had acquired for $4. Mark offered to "double his money" on those boots and Les said, no, he would give them to Mark. Very sweet and generous. Then, he reached into the boots and pulled out about four pairs of mens white jockey short underwear, "Is this your size?" Yes, he had bought garage sale underwear and also gave it to Mark. It probably was new underwear, it did appear to have never been worn or washed but it wasn't in a package. I wouldn't even buy packaged underwear at a garage sale and don't know anyone who would and anyone who would usually wouldn't go and give it to someone else!! But of course, since I spend my hard earned cash on new underwear, I probably will never be rich like the in-laws.

Today I had a huge craving for Mexican food. Just a day and a half in Dallas makes me want to BE in Austin and appreciate its true Austintatiousness. I also was starving after a morning of now snacking after days and days of breakfast breads, fudge, chex mix, etc. I called Mark to meet me at 11 at Guero's and was really ready for some strong stuff. Got there to find it closed until well after the New Year. Augh! Called Mark for regrouping and moved up Congress to El Sol y La Luna to find it closed until Friday. Double Augh. Settled on the Magnolia and had a jalapeno cheeseburger. Didn't get the Mexican craving like I wanted but I rarely can get Mark to the Magnolia (too girly, he says) so that was a treat.

Oh, this should have been up top because it was truly a highlight of the day. I got to hang with Willie Nelson a bit. Apparently Willie comes up to **** each Christmas to be on the air with SOB for the morning. He did that today and came over for one break with my show. I have a long history with Willie that he is completely unaware of, of course, but it was great to see him up close again and feel his aura. A legend and a very centered man. I think I will dig out my picture of me and Willie when I was 18 (and he was a bit younger as well) and take it to work tomorrow.

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