2001-12-23 11:04 p.m.

More Christmas prep

When I get an e-mail or see an article or get a letter or copy that starts: 'Twas the night before. . . I skip right on, pass it by, delete or throw it away. I am no poet but I don't steal someone else's rhythms and cadence in order to BE a poet. Same goes for take offs on Dr. Suess, the Bible, etc. Person peeve, thanks for letting me get that off my chest first.

Talked to my aunt for a long time today. We rarely talk or see each other, even living here in the same town. I want it that way. I made my New Year's Resolution this year to stay away from toxic people and she is one of them. As a kid she was my favorite aunt, always more young and hip than the others, but now she irritates me. Today was especially irritating as she told me about the trials and tribulations about her daughter. If I were having travails and my mother were telling someone about them, I know she would say "She is having a tough time, she will get through this, she she she. . ." My aunt says "We are having a tough time, we will get through this, we we we. . ." Her daughter is 33 now and has done nothing but pick loser boyfriends and husbands, no, I take that back. I think some of them have been very nice young men. She thinks they are losers when they don't "let" her go out with her girlfriends until four in the morning and then come crash at her Mom's house and then come home at noon. They are "controlling" and "abusive" because they would like to have a wife around. Okay, there have been a few losers, too, but she's no prize. But she and my aunt are just way too close for a mother and daughter. I'll be making that resolution again January 1 (if I make any, I've almost resolved not to resolve). I have succeeded in that resolution to some degree, I've only seen the daughter/cousin once this entire year.

I wrapped presents today and went on a delivery mission around the neighborhood dropping off gifts. It was really fun to give them to the little boy from down the street that I know well but I don't know his parents. He is always down here with the other boys and knows my Nathan Jr. well and is very sweet. He was really surprised to get a present from me.

I had dinner tonight with a friend that is alone for Christmas. She is married and her husband needed to go be with his mother for Christmas because of his brother's death this year and she (my friend) has to work tomorrow. We had a great dinner at the Brick Oven and talked and talked.

Tonight I finally got around to making a pecan pie to take to Dallas and fudge to take to Dallas (except for what I ate tonight) and rolls to take to Dallas. The rolls I just made to the dough stage and hope they'll rise tomorrow and cook well. We'll see.

I need to go to bed. It doesn't feel like a work night and tomorrow certainly isn't a "normal" work day but I do have to be there at 5 so that part doesn't change much. I'd better get to bed.

Will there be an entry tomorrow? We'll have to see. I've only missed one day this month so I'll try. It will only be because I forget, not because I blow it off if I miss.

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