2001-09-14 12:04 a.m.


Okay, it's tragic, I'm sad, I'm stunned, I don't know what the next hour will bring. BUT, what I DON'T need is the e-mails TELLING me how to feel, what to do, how I should think. I am drawing up a shit list of former friends who have forwarded memorials, prayers, "fly your flag" orders, etc. I get it. The nation has been attacked. I, as a citizen, am under siege. America is bigger than this. Prayers are needed (although, apparently, a lot of prayers weren't answered on Tuesday). I went out tonight just to be away from the television. I'm glad to see people smiling. I'm glad people were dancing. I'm glad life goes on. If this were a hundred years ago we wouldn't have even heard about this yet (besides all the other anachronistic problems). I'm going to bed. I hope there is better news, and less forwards, in the world tomorrow.
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