2001-09-16 12:24 a.m.


My goal is to write about something other than the disasters of this week...but everything seems so trivial. I watched the Daily Show and Letterman that I taped Monday night and they were quite unfunny now. Letterman's pictures of the New York skyline that show coming out of commercials were especially poignant with the World Trade Center towers shining brightly.

I'm beginning to wonder if I am allergic to the cat. I have been so stuffed up and congested all week (without it turning into an infection). I am so attached to the cat I will just have to learn to live with it, I suppose. The kitty was great comfort last night. Mark was out of town and the kitty slept beside me and occassionally reached out and patted my arm to check to make sure I was okay and still there. Such a sweet Nathan Junior.

I had a good shift on the air this afternoon. Finally I am feeling comfortable with the computer system and board at the radio station. It has taken long enough. I enjoyed myself today.

Tonight I did some painting. I am always wanting to pursue creative pursuits but I always end up being stymied by my own guilt about house-cleaning or other chores. Tonight I ignored all other things and painted and really enjoyed it. Maybe next time I'll spend some time writing. Of course, writing would really require turning off the television and I always seem so chained to the TV!

I am getting my new office set up in the guest room with the second computer. Mark will put my new desk together when he returns. I hope I will use that computer for some writing and that room for some solitude.

See what I mean? Everything is so trivial this week. It was trivial last week too but it was all we had...

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