2001-10-07 2:32 p.m.

Leaves and bombs fall

What beautiful weather this weekend. Guess it must be nice in Afghanistan too since we've begun the bombing. Weird how you expect something and expect something and now that it is happening I am surprised! Many Sundays I wouldn't have even been aware of this happening but this morning I was listening to the end of the American Country Countdown on the radio and I was off in another room when it ended and I heard President Bush speaking. I knew that wasn't "normal" so I ran to the TV and began to get the news.

I looked back on my last entry and saw that my link to Kramer's site didn't work. I don't know how the link doesn't work yet the html apparently is right or it would show up as something goofy, wouldn't it? Oh, well, I'll go back to the lazy practice of just putting the address and letting you paste and copy for yourself.

My friend B!'s mom seems to be fine. Despite "coding" at the hospital Wednesday, she is okay now. No brain damage either.

I watched all the UT-OU game yesterday and hated the way it ended. I had high hopes. I went to the station last night to record Monday's and Tuesday's shows. I waited until the UT game was over so I could talk about it. Not much to talk about, as it turned out.

Today I am doing laundry and cleaning house. Baking a big apple/pear/cranberry pie, too. The house smells wonderful. Nice fall day.

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