Friday, Oct. 19, 2018 1:18 am

Pleasant home

I'm up late because I took a wonderful deep nap after a housecleaner made my home lovely and peaceful. Now I need to get on to bed to face a Friday.

My out of town trip experience only solidified my desire to not travel. I ran into so many pitfalls of travel like I used to have and it reminded me of many others I had back in those days. I hope I can avoid it for another few years. It was super hot in Orlando and we walked a lot all around Disney Springs. It was kind of fun to do that, but the business meeting was tough. I do not think fast on my feet anymore. I think in radio I was fast on my feet as long as it was just ME talking. When someone is asking me questions and ready to jump in and ask more I am not as good.

Mark's been nice this week, though I haven't talked to him. He sent a pleasant email a couple of days ago asking about the progress on the divorce. Tonight he sent a picture of Dennis Quaid singing on stage. He's working the show I guess. I doubt if he tells Dennis that I was once in his bed (yes, that's one of those stories I should retell since this is a public diary and I'll probably forget the story myself in my future years ... but I assume it is back in this diary in the earliest days so look it up).

I am traveling again Saturday, but it is a road trip with my buddy so that should be fun.

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