Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018 11:00 pm

Making Art

I wrote about money in the last entry and I had an angel deliver a big check to me this week. Blew my mind. Totally.

I did go to Dallas last weekend for my sister's big production. She was great. She really sang beautifully, but it was a comedic piece and she carried it off brilliantly. The audience was just howling and clapping and laughing and she got a huge ovation. She even got a standing ovation on the next performance.

My nephew and his wife and my mother and I went out to dinner after the show and had a lovely visit (and my nephew bought). They are just lovely kids and so fun to be around. We all drank margaritas and enjoyed ourselves.

When I got back to my sister's house that night she was still out performing so I went to see our best man from our wedding 25 years ago. Mark was supposed to tell him about the divorce in June when he was supposed to tell his family (he stalled on telling them). A month later I asked if he had told and he said no, I could tell. I didn't want to tell, but last week since I was up there and could see him in person and it is almost a done deal, I did. He was mad at Mark for letting this happen and he also could see changes in his friend that made him understand.

Work this week was fraught with a lot of anxiety. I have a business trip coming up and that and just a crush of work to do really had me tense. I hate that because I know it is just a chemical reaction and no amount of talking myself down from it makes it go away.

The weekend was much much better, especially since there wasn't much side gig work to do. I did all I could do yesterday and then there was no more so I was free to do what I wanted. I worked in the yard, painted, cleaned a bit, cooked a little, sat and enjoyed the rain. I never went anywhere or did anything, but that was fine by me. I never did get around to writing and I wish I had done that. Resistance (as in the book The War of Art) was winning.

Tonight I watched Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri. It wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. Kind of trite in some places. Certainly not uplifting.

I'm very proud of a painting I did last night. It was just going to be an experiment, but it turned out well. I'd put a picture of it here if I could remember how to do that. It is a buffalo done in a very impressionistic style. I COPIED it from another picture I saw on the web, so it isn't original. But it still looks very cool and I'm pleased I could copy that well. Tomorrow Inktober begins so I need to get back in some art-making habits.

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