Tuesday, Nov. 06, 2018 12:00 am

Election Day

Yikes -- I see the date and see that it IS Election Day. I've voted already, of course, but it will be nail biting until we know the results tonight. And then I hope it isn't devastating. I have steeled myself that my Senate candidate won't win (but I will be OH SO HAPPY if he does) but I just hope there is a Democratic sweet across the country. Please Lord...

I had a good weekend in Dallas. Mom was out of it and disoriented and didn't know what day it was yesterday and didn't want to go to the lunch, but I made her get dressed and go. She said "If I die today it is your fault." Thanks goodness she didn't. She seemed fine and seemed to enjoy herself at dinner at least and I know it does her a world of good to see the babies.

The girls are just hilarious. The little one (soon to be the middle one) is so pretty and she's grown up a lot since I last saw her. She came to hug me unasked one time and when she got the stuffed toy I gave her for her birthday she just hugged it so hard and looked so happy. I was pleased.

I drove on home last night after the party. I was worrying about the cats and I wanted to get my garbage cans set out. I could have called and asked someone to do it, but I didn't want to. The drive was easy.

I had a long day today getting my name changed at Social Security and at the driver's license office. My phone was worthless and died while I was out so I didn't know that my sister had to take Mom to the ER because her blood pressure and heart rate were so low. Bless my sweet sister's heart. Mom didn't have to spend the night and they are going to a doctor again tomorrow.

Back to work tomorrow. I hope the day goes fast. I am not looking forward to being back.

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