Thursday, Nov. 08, 2018 8:34 am


I am procrastinating on going to work. It's a beautiful cool morning and I'd just like to stay home. Maybe crawl back into bed. I'm not tired, I got a great night of sleep, I just don't want to get dressed or go and I don't want to work.

My cousin Kendall came over last night. Man, she is a talker. She was here earlier this summer, but I think we drank more and that made her more tolerable or me more talkative, but I was really ready for her to go last night. She didn't leave until 11 and she walked out the door and I went straight to bed. I was so glad I'd taken a shower as soon as I got home from work.

We went bowling with work yesterday and that was fun. I'm back to being a terrible bowler, but I think I could improve with practice and study. I got home feeling just completely sore and exhausted, but an Alleve and a shower helped tremendously. I feel okay (enough) this morning.

I guess the part I didn't like about all of Kendall's talking was just her level of anger at politics and Trump and even just the world -- her kids' teachers, her friends, her parents ( a lot at her parents -- for them when she was a child and for them now, too). And her language. She just didn't have much of a vocabulary.

Jumping subjects, but I see my receipts here on the desk. I need to file my expense report. Geez , take care of business.

I can't see the screen of the computer right now because there is a pile of receipts and nonsense on the keyboard in front of the screen so I'm typing blind.

Mom's pretty sick these days. She was in the ER on Monday and at the doctor yesterday. Her blood pressure and heart rate are so low they may just stop one of these days. I don't know what they are doing except reducing some of her blood pressure medications to see if it will go back up a little. She was very confused and forgetful when I picked her up on Sunday afternoon for the birthday party, but once she was up and dressed she seemed back to normal. I think she just gets no oxygen to the brain and it makes her confused.

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