Monday, Nov. 26, 2018 9:43 am

Back from Thanksgiving

I need to be on my way to work, but I have "appt" down on the calendar for the house appraisal guy to come by. He's already been here and gone, but I am reluctant to leave this peaceful place and go. I will soon ... or eventually.

I have had a wonderful week of VACATION. Yes, a whole week. I didn't take a "real" vacation, but it was lovely. I spent last Monday cleaning house and doing stuff that needed to be done at home and then I was up early and on my way to Dallas Tuesday morning. Mom was supposed to have an appointment at 1:00 that I would have gone to with her, but she was sick and couldn't go. We took her Friday instead.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My sister had a full house and a wonderful spread of food, but she did tone it down this year and had a more basic Thanksgiving and also allowed the guests to bring a lot of the food. She and I baked pies on Wednesday so that was my contribution.

I came home on Saturday to give myself a day off on Sunday. I got home and realized that my college friends were in town visiting their son so I called them and we got together. We went to eat poke -- the Hawaiian sushi. Augh, blech, retch. I will never do that again. I was adventurous and carefree and experimental, but I did not like it.

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to a few stores just for "fun." I bought stuff to make a dreamcatcher at JoAnn fabric. It was just a whim and I'm not finished with it, but I like it so far. It is very large. I found a drum head hoop in the garage and rescued it from the trash. Mark has thrown it away two more times when he's been over and has seen it. I rescued it again and worked on it last night. I also bought some pants and a top and a candle at Marshall's. I'm wearing the pants right now and they look good.

I'm going to try to get a handle on my eating this week. I won't even put down here the ridiculous sugar I ate over the weekend (AFTER I got home from the pies and sweets). I need to learn to get some healthy food and eat it. I really don't even know how to go about it. I need to look at some sites with just meal plans for simple eating. I know Rachelle always ate Swiss chard and rice for dinner every night. That is a possibility.

Since the house appraisal guy has been here I'm hoping the rest of the refi will go VERY quickly. Maybe even this week. I want to begin to know where I am financially. I feel like I am just on hold and I am spending WAY too much money on silly things (like dreamcatchers!).

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