Saturday, Dec. 29, 2018 10:59 am

Wrapping up the Year

Well, it looks like I've been pretty prolific this year --- compared to the last several years here on Diaryland anyway. I would like to write even more. I am a more COMPLETE writer here because my hands don't cramp.

This probably will be the last of the year, but who knows. It is 11 a.m. and I need to get dressed and go get my phone. I dropped my brand new, one week old, Galaxy S7 onto the pavement Christmas night as I went to go see my mother. It landed right on its corner and it was a goner. No screen activity, nothing. But it is fixed and I can go get it. It will cost about $200, but that's a bit less than half the cost of the phone I bought and STILL have to pay for completely, so better to repair than get another whole new one. No, I didn't get the insurance, figuring I could self-insure. And I can -- this repair might be about a year's worth of paying on the insurance so if I don't do it again --- AND I WON'T --- I'm well ahead.

I'm moving slow. As is usual, I go through the week wishing I just had the time to do all the things that need to be done -- repairs, cleaning, yardwork, putting away Christmas, etc. -- and now that I have the time stretching ahead of me, all I want to do is lay there and think or sit here and scroll through Facebook. Or write in my diary. At least THIS is productive. ha.

Last night I went out with Di and friends for her birthday in San Marcos. We had a fun time. I am just getting so extra introverted that I just would always rather be with just one person ALONE than out with a group in a public place. I enjoyed it all, I just feel like an observer rather than a participant. I did give her nice gifts and she appreciated them. And I paid for a third of her meal. So I ended up being out about $100 for my friend's birthday. I can't do that for many friends, that's for sure. I hate to be stingy, but I need to watch my money closely in 2019 since I need a roommate and have a big house payment to make. I need to work on my financial situation today, too.

I guess I'd better get going. I want to eat a second bowl of cereal, but that will do no one any good. I hate to be a New Year dieter, but the holidays are over and I really really must cut back on my food and eat more healthy foods and plants and less sugar. No sugar. Negative sugar. Is that possible? Also must control the drinking. I will never vow to stop drinking alone because I really enjoy that (is that a problem?) but I need to quit drinking EVERY day and I feel like that's what I have done the last couple of months. I am up about 10 pounds, 7 pounds, since the day of the divorce even and I have to get rid of that and 30 or 40 or 50 more. I honestly don't know if that is possible at all, but some of it has to go.

Okay - stop. Get dressed. GO.

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