Sunday, May. 13, 2018 8:13 pm

Funerals and Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day and I just got home from Dallas. I took my mother and my mother-in-law out for lunch together. First time I've seen my mother-in-law in a long time. I did not see her at Christmas because I didn't want to go there with Mark. She is a very nice person, but our interactions always seem so awkward. We are just never relaxed with one another and I wish we could be. If the subject came up I was going to tell her that Mark and I may be headed for divorce, but it didn't come up.

Last night I got to have dinner with the kids from Holland, my sister's nephew, niece, his girlfriend and her brother. All kids in their mid- to late-20s. Beautiful and very sweet and friendly. They are fun to be around.

The babies were fun to be around, too, though they hadn't had naps so they were a little bit grumpy.

I went to my cousin Virginia's funeral yesterday morning. Such a sweet wonderful woman, but her life had been so good and so long it was quite a celebration rather than sad. She was 94 and went pretty easily so you can't really ask for more.

I visited my cousin that is 90 and she is so frail and old. She would just as soon die in her sleep tonight. It was her 90th birthday yesterday, too. I told her I hoped I saw her next year on her birthday, but she died before then I would know she was happy and I would miss her. Then I visited her daughter who just lost her husband and we had to cry together a little bit. Yesterday would have been their 50th wedding anniversary, so she was just kind of hoping the day would go by pretty fast. He had his son buy her a beautiful wedding ring with a diamond in it, so he gave her a gift posthumously, which made us both cry.

I'm going to go try to do a little bit of my LC job for Sha and start trying to get some hours for the week. I only got 13 and 14 on the last 2 weeks and I need to get 15 consistently. Hard to do when I go out of town!

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