Friday, May. 25, 2018 8:14 am

Home Alone and Loving It

It's early in the morning and I'll head for work momentarily, but I might as well write while I'm here. I need to get in the habit, right? I think of it at work, but I only want to do this from the home computer.

Mark is in New Orleans and on his way to Florida today for a couple of gigs. I'm very glad to be home alone. I know it would get lonely if/when this stretches for weeks, but I am grateful for it so far and will be very grateful tomorrow and Sunday to have the freedom. He texted when he got there Wednesday night, but no texts from him at all yesterday, which is odd. Makes me wonder if I'm getting the silent treatment on purpose or he figures he might as well or what. I see what he's doing on Facebook so I know he's fine. I did text him, btw.

Work has seemed awfully difficult this week for no good reason. None at all. I hope we get out a little early this afternoon for the holiday.

Last week was another funeral. My old coworker and morning man Sam died. It made me super sad, not because of his death or life -- he was 84 and it was time -- but because it just reminded me so much of Austin as it used to be and me as I used to be and the era that we shared in time when we were both pretty famous! I heard a lot of great stories and saw a lot of old friends that I hadn't seen in many years and it was nice.

I'm jumping around like my mind is doing this morning...

Last night the SCP (somtimes creepy photographer) called. I haven't talked to him in a while. I told him we were actually talking divorce and he was thrilled. Partly, I think, because he thinks he had a shot with me (he doesn't) and partly because he knows we should. He got to spy a bit for me when Mark was in a public place that the SCP happened to be at the same time and SCP was able to report to me the puppy love look Mark was exhibiting. He said "A guy knows and I knew..." SCP wants me to go to a memorial service for his nephew with him tomorrow, but I just don't think I want to do that (as much as I like funerals). I don't know the family AT ALL and I don't know that I would even look right among them. Yes, I'd look better than his trampy ex would have, but I think I'd look frumpy and poor.

I helped TP last night, too (I guess I have never given him a nickname? my dearest Austin friend). I scanned some family photos of his. It freaked him out because he has been reading about this family and this particular cousin in a family book they have. Then a card from his aunt to his mother fell out of a pile of bills and it mentions this cousin and TP as being similar. And then I send him pictures of this family and this cousin. Along with that, there's a stretch of Oregon coast where he wants his ashes scattered. He didn't know his mother had ever been there. These pictures had one of her on that beach before he was every born. Lots of strange coincidences.

I have too many things to do this weekend, but I need to narrow it down. I need to narrow down the exact times I want to commit myself to the side gig, too, so I can get those hours and not feel like I have to come back to it when I don't want to. I will think on those things driving to work this morning.

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