Wednesday, Jun. 06, 2018 5:59 pm


Just home from work and it is hot as fuck outside. I have to go back out in 45 minutes for my CoDA meeting, but I just couldn't work late today. Too irritable and antsy.

I just stood outside and talked to neighbor Nick a little while. He has beautiful blue eyes. And a million tattoos. He had heard (from Ruth, of course) that I used to be a famous DJ in this town, etc. He was impressed. I told him we were possibly splitting and he was super sweet. He said he and Amanda split for close to two years at one time and managed to get it all back together. The fault was on her in that and she didn't want to try.

I did swim and had a wonderful afternoon with Diana Saturday after a great hamburger. We floated for a long long time and her friend Sandy came over, too. I got very tan/pink. Didn't burn. Came home and crashed at 745 and slept until 1030 or so.

Sunday we both went and had breakfast with B-je and his friend K in town for the nerd convention. Wonderful migas. Came home and did 3 hours of work. When Mark left for his afternoon gig I took another long wonderful nap. I was thinking (stupid me, thinking!) that he would be home after his gig, but of course he went to the Saxon to hang with "friends" and then went to Antone's so I was in bed before he came home.

Monday we barely saw each other before he went to his gig (and that's all). And he just said 'bye' from the front door. Not a single kiss/peck all day long. I noticed yesterday he kissed me on the cheek and I think that was it for kissing. So talking and kissing have definitely ground to a halt.

Monday I went by and saw Nancy's room for rent and am ready to make that commitment if necessary. Me being the one out of the house will relieve some of my anxiety maybe.

Yesterday was the company picnic and it was so so so unbearably hot at Zilker. I only lasted an hour and came home and crashed. Yes, naps are my number one coping mechanism these days.

I talked to Mom today and kept her updated on the goings on down here. I don't want to worry her, but I don't want her to think I'm NOT telling her something.

Aunt Leta had a bad heart situation and nearly died, it sounds like. Poor thing. She is not in good shape.

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