Monday, May. 28, 2018 12:47 pm

Memorial Day Blah

Wow - I'm back. I'm glad I"m thinking of this diary when I'm distracted and restless and need to do something.

It is Memorial Day and a holiday. Mark and I had our coffee on the porch enjoying the hot but beautiful morning in the backyard. There was an amazing lizard way out on Daddy's tractor seat stool... bright green blowing that big red throat in and out. I watched him a long time walking back and forth and then he took a giant leap off the stool and scampered up the tree.

Our conversation was minimal. He asked about my niece who was in the hospital this week. He asked if I had paid the lawn guy. He said he'd send his receipts to the bandleader soon so he could be reimbursed.

I asked about pictures from his trips. We talked about the beach in Alabama. We talked about his car repairs not being right and needing to take the car back to the shop.

That may have been it. Pretty dry. Without depth or meaning. Did we ever have morning conversations with depth and meaning? Now I look back and can't really remember when we were in sync. Maybe we never ever were.

But I am going to have to bring up the mediator and the split again. Doesn't look like he will. He may not even remember I brought it up before he left.

He's unpacking his suitcase and going to start some laundry. I need to do some of this work I do on the side. I'm considering going to a movie later on today. He said he wanted lunch, but no invitation. He said he didn't want to do much today but recuperate. I understand that feeling.

Blahdy blahdy blah.... I'm going to go get dressed and I may ask if he wants to go to lunch.

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