Monday, Mar. 18, 2019 12:04 pm

Post Birthday Weekend

The party Friday night was a great success. I set up the bar in the "office" on the desk and set up the food on the kitchen table. Most everyone sat on the patio, but eventually some had to be in the kitchen or standing in the living room. Rarely was anyone sitting in the living room. I think I had at least 20 people here. Lots of gifts, flowers, cards, love. Liquor, too. I was so surprised for cousin Todd to come and bring me a big bottle of 14 year old Scotch. He said he wanted to get 60-year-old Scotch, but couldn't afford that.

I was exhausted by the party. About an hour into it I was ready for everyone to go home! Seriously. Too many people, too much stimulation. I prefer small groups and easy conversation. I will have some more intimate parties in the future. But friend Tracy took charge and brought a cake with 6-0 candles and led the singing, etc. She is a great party giver and I was glad she did things. She brought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, as did friend Rita. Other flowers, too, and lots of gifts. People are very nice!

I was glad I set the party END time and people adhered and filed out about 9 p.m. One stayed and he and I had another drink and sat on the porch and talked a long time. He spent the night on the porch. I think he just wanted to experience my fabulous porch on a spring night. It was way too cold out there for me! It was in the 40s. I told him to use the guest room if he was freezing, but he stayed the whole night. We had coffee in the morning and he went home and I left for Dallas.

Great time in Dallas. Trip up and back was pretty easy, too. Got to see the entire family and the little girls are knowing who I am and ready to be in my arms. Oldest came RUNNING and threw herself up in my arms when I got there. Middle one came and asked to be lifted up and talked to me while we played with the wooden tulips and named colors. Baby is just smiling and happy and I didn't hold her, but she was precious and getting big.

Today I am working from home (ha) and an organizer is coming at 3 p.m. to talk about my house and what needs to be done. Then I'm going to D's in SM for dinner. Would probably rather be at home, but today is better than tomorrow and she's available.

Mark posted on Facebook a bit ago that he spent the weekend in the hospital because of this concussion he had. He sang the praises of his "sweetheart" (with her name) for being by his side through all of this. I figured that would let someone that didn't know, know. Sure enough, our sweet and beautiful friend Denise messaged immediately to say WHAT? She said she was very disappointed. She hasn't responded to my message confirming the split.

So it is 12:30 and I guess since I am "working" at home I should get dressed. I am very very blah.

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