Sunday, May. 05, 2019 9:54 pm

Preparing for Holland/The Ranch

A lot has happened in this last month -- reason I should be here more often.

The trip to NJ was very successful and TP was impressed with my presentation skills --- duh, he just can't fathom that I've spoken before groups of hundreds for years and years. But glad that is over. That trip makes preparing for this trip to HOLLAND this WEEK!!! easier. THIS WEEK!

It is Sunday night and I got home today from a weekend at "the ranch." I've never been able to say that in my life. Tracy has so many many rich rich friends in this world. I guess she is rich enough she just knows how to relate to these people and live in their world. I really do not. I think my "poor" childhood just didn't train me to be in these situations. I was there with Tracy and two other couples who didn't know each other before. So we were all getting to know one another. They were all lovely people and I don't believe they are "rich." I would have preferred a weekend of quiet and reflection and reading in peace and there was a lot more people interaction and loud music for me. I had a headache, sometimes verging on splitting, almost the whole time I was there. But, the setting was fabulous and it is neat to see how the 1% live and I enjoyed it a lot.

I was to go out there Friday night, but we had a terrible massive storm and the rain was coming down so fast and hard I didn't want to drive home from work, much less an hour and a half to the ranch and cross water crossings and muddy roads! By yesterday it was much better and I got a little lost and had no cell service, but eventually made it there. The others were spending tonight, too, I believe, but I needed to get home and get ready for this trip.

I came home and slept four hours and now I am up washing clothes. I need to go eat something (that big breakfast at noon was a long long time ago).

I did finish reading Lolita. Now I'm reading Wikipedia and other things about it to figure out why it is considered one of the best novels of all time. I can see why people liked it and why it was a splash and banned and read furtively, but as for story and plot, I just think it could have been done better! But I'm also thinking more deeply about the themes and Humbert Humbert as "captive" by keeping a captive. By obsessing he only hurts himself. It's weird. Now I need to find a couple more books to read on this trip that will really keep me company.

When I wrote last month I hadn't gotten my mojo working to get the house back in order. Last weekend I had a big burst of energy and got a lot of things accomplished, finally. Still a long way to go so I hope I get another spurt post-Holland.

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