Wednesday, Jun. 26, 2019 10:18 pm

Feeling Great

I'm not even going to read my last entry like I usually do. I've been telling myself to come home and "write like a motherfucker" but I have not been able to even start that yet. I don't have ideas or anything I want to say, I just want to put some words down on paper/screen to start priming that pump. I'll never get better at it if I don't put some effort into it.

I have been incredibly happy lately and I like that. I think I've made up my mind to enjoy where I'm at. I want to be bitter and angry and get sympathy, but that strategy isn't really working and isn't making me any happier so I'm just going with what I'm really feeling which is free, relieved, and satisfied.

I've even had a flirtation by email and phone with a salesman in our other office. It is just silly and fun and he may be married or an ogre, but he is funny and fun to play with. He has declared his love and asked me to marry him and on and on. Yet it is still all within the bounds of HR at this point.

My radio show is taking a bit more of my evening time than I want, but then again, the rest of my evening is sitting on the couch eating ice cream and watching TV so I may as well be making my $10 for my nightly show. Wonder when I'll get that first check? The end of the month is almost here. I'm not having too much difficulty finding things to talk about and as it gets closer to school and football there will be lots of things to say, so that is good.

I'm LOVING my new car. I didn't see when I wrote last so that might even be in here, but my sweet blue car finally cratered (though it still runs, it is gasping) and I replaced it with a 15-year-newer version. It is lovely and I feel RICH. I WILL BE ABLE TO AFFORD IT. I have new sources of money coming in. I attract wealth (affirmations).

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