Friday, Jul. 12, 2019 10:03 am

Waiting on the handyman

I'm waiting for a handyman to come to hang my five ceiling fans today. That seems like a lot. He may have to come back. He was supposed to be here at 9, but since I didn't call him back yesterday (because I thought it was spam and didn't answer) he thought I didn't want him to come or something. Anyway, he's on his way soon.

I am "working" from home, but I have some such a one-track mind that I can't "work" until he gets here and gets started. I NEED to be cleaning off my desk just so I can work, but that seems too overwhelming, too. I am having a hard time accomplishing much these days. I ordered groceries last night and took out the recycling and cleaned the kitchen. Oh, and some laundry. That was a lot for me.

I spent July 4 weekend at my sister's and then at my cousin's in Granbury. I had fun at both places. Just swam, ate, and talked. It was good all the way around and I mostly felt relaxed and happy. Came back for a full five days of working and I've almost survived that and hope I get something done on the family reunion this weekend.

I keep feeling like a sore throat or cold is coming on again. I hope not. I really don't want to spend the weekend feeling bad.

Man, I need a nap. I'm ready to crawl off to bed. I guess I should make some coffee. I haven't made coffee at home in weeks. I just drink it at work or not at all. It might give me some energy if I had some. I could just drink a Coke maybe.

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