Wednesday, Apr. 03, 2019 10:45 am

April is here

April sure got here fast. And today is Beth's birthday . I ordered her a gift and only found out today that it is backordered so I'm trying to just cancel it. I wanted it to get there on time. Dang.

I have painters working on the outside of the house and they are almost finished. They have been here since Monday morning. They work SO fast. They did the whole interior last week in 3.5 days. The interior colors are interesting -- the green is a bit more minty than I really wanted, but I like all the rest. The outside colors are great. I did good there. It all looks so feminine and clean. ME!

I wish they would get finished and I could go get the money to pay them and go to the office. I miss the office! We are preparing to go to NJ on Sunday. I'm not "dreading" the trip, but I wish I didn't have to go.

I keep imagining how clean and pretty the house is going to be when I get things back in and situated.... but then I have no energy or umph to DO any of the work to get things back where they need to be. MAYBE when they get all done, and I get back from NJ, I'll find some enthusiasm.

Mark's sweet Aunt Billie died Sunday (I think). She was a wonderful woman and lived a stellar life. I will miss her and I'm glad I got to see her in September. Her funeral may be on Friday, but I guess I won't make it to it since Mt. Pleasant is so far away. Next week is my cousin Jeff's services and visitation. I don't know that I'm going to make those either. And Diana's mother died, too! It has been a week with lots of death. Her mother's service is in Georgia so I don't have to think about that one, but I do need to send a card.

I'm boring myself (.... I'm so tired and bored with myself....). I feel this raw energy telling me to DO something,but I'm not quite sure what the DO is supposed to be. I need more purpose and less anxiety.

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