Thursday, May. 30, 2019 7:17 pm

Back from Holland

I got back from Holland two weeks ago and lots has been happening. I'm sure I'll cover the trip in other places so no need to go through it all here. It was wonderful and I"m glad I went. But it also confirmed to me the things I don't like about traveling ... cramped airplane seats and airports mainly. And I like being with people I know and can talk to. I'm not going to be the adventurer that wants to meet new people that don't even speak the same language. Call me a homebody if you want to, I don't mind. I won't be doing a LOT of world traveling the rest of my life, but I do expect there will be more overseas trips sometime.

I bought a NEW CAR this week, too! I don't have it yet, I hope to tomorrow. When they were getting it all ready for me they knocked some paint off of the bumper. FUCK I said out loud right there in the dealership. So they kept it and are painting the bumper and I might have it back tomorrow afternoon so I can show it off this weekend. It is newer and lower mileage than I really expected to get and it cost more than I expected to spend, but whatareyougonnado? I'm in for it now for 5 years of payments. I will be fine.

I got my yard finally cleaned up in front and back completely down to the ground in many spots. The guys did a great job. Now I need to think about how to fill the space. I hope I can get some little natural flower beds like along the driveway going that don't need a lot of clean up or care.

And the news that I can't quit thinking about, even though it isn't so important, is that Mark and his BFF have bought a fucking house together and are living together now. Man, he couldn't even keep the "illusion" of friends only going for a year. Bastard. Dickwad. He came over to tell me that and to tell me that they are going to Cuchara together. I said, Well of course you are, you have to carve her name on the porch. Sack of dog shit. I really am relieved as much as anything because this just acknowledges the truth about the whole thing. Asswipe.

Living well is the best revenge. For one, I'm driving a new 2016 car while he's limping along in a 2008 now. I have a big beautiful freshly painted house. I wish I could see the one SHE paid for. I wonder how much money she is willing to let him put into his shop and drum room and all the things he had to have here. I don't know how much money she has from her divorce and inheritance, but he certainly doesn't have much.

Oh, my other big news is that I'm back in radio. After being off the air over 2 years, I'm back with Steve's station beginning Monday. I've been fiddling with the mic and equipment tonight to see if I remember how to do this.

I haven't seen my best fried D in SM since early April. I stayed at her house during the painting and the day I came back home her mother died in Georgia and she began going through all that travel and planning. I hope to see her tomorrow.

And my real BFF from Ohio is in town and it is fun to see her and hang out. She came down here and helped me tear my old bed apart and get my new one built. I am in a new platform bed and liking it, I think. I do think I kind of miss the box springs. I didn't realize that was part of the deal.

And, they finally got my website cloned, except it is all jacked and I need to call them to FIX it.

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