Monday, Mar. 11, 2019 8:26 am

Almost Birthday

I always read my last entry before I write another one. The Cohen testimony was good, but not completely revelatory. I listened to it through the work day, but had to turn it off from time to time because the Republican reps were so angry and argumentative.

And the two consults--sigh. One was okay and simple enough. The other wanted Hawaiian spa music. I know what he wants, but we don't offer it. And the saleswoman in Hawaii yelled at me and said "Just do it!" I had to report her and that got it off my back a lot. I think they finally gave his money back and said, "We don't have it." Stressed me a bunch.

Mark had a bad wreck as soon as he got back from the island gig he did for 10 days and got a concussion from it. He called to say he had been in bed for a week, which is, of course, very unlike him. I haven't really heard much from him since. I let him know that our dear friend Jim died and he didn't respond. He had told me recently that our friend George had died so I figured I should share information like that that I had, too. Maybe he knew, but I don't know where he would have heard it since he doesn't talk to his mother.

I talked to a member of his family yesterday that called about some Ancestry questions. She didn't know we had divorced either. But I didn't know she and her family had moved to Albuquerque 2 years ago.

Daylight Saving Time has kicked in and I was awake early this morning, but didn't want to get up. But I'm up and ready and have a sandwich made for lunch. I just ate a half a sandwich for breakfast and it was so good I may go back and make another half. It is corned beef that I cooked myself. So good. Better cold than it was hot last night.

My SIXTIETH birthday is Friday. That is just so strange. I am planning on my own little party, but I guess I need to figure out what people will eat and drink if I do that. Saturday I will go to the family birthday dinner in Dallas. I need to think of some gifts for the others there! I wish I were better at gifts and cards and such.

I charged up my FitBit this weekend and I am going to wear it today to see if it still works. I'll probably get all of 100 steps or so. I don't think I'll be getting near 10,000 or whatever the recommendation is.

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