Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019 8:01 am


I am in the living room without glasses so I am typing blindly -- I hate that! I feel so distant when I can't see the letters that I am typing.

I need to get to work early this morning -- as I did yesterday -- but I think I have a minute to do this. I wanted to do it yesterday and then I got off on a rabbit hole with Facebook and news. I guess that is one advantage of coming to the computer without glasses. I can't get led astray.

At 9 this morning Michael Cohen is going to be speaking publically to Congress and it is supposed to be explosive stuff. I hope this is the "John Dean" of the current president and I hope there are "tapes" or the equivalent to prove it all.

It is Wednesday and this feels like it has been a long week already. I have my meds back after missinga bunch last week and going CrAZY but I still feel a ton of anxiety. I decided an equivalent feeling is when you are driving down the highway and realize you have an engine problem or a flat tire and you've got to get the car safely off the road NOW. It's that kind of fear. It's maybe a lower level, but it isnt pleasant. I was encouraged Sunday to seek out a psychiatrist and I want to do that. I need to take some action (but I continue to drive down the road with a flat!).

I guess part of the fears comes from working on two consultations at work. Those are such a pain - so many little technical details to deal with. It was a tiny bit easier than I anticipated so I need to remember that.

Well, I can't just go and go because i need to get ready and this blindess is worse than I thought it would be. Hate it! I need glasses with me ALL the time.

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