Thursday, Jul. 22, 2021 8:52 am

New House

Wow - that was just a few weeks ago and now I am in the moving process for reals!!

I bought (sort of) a house in Farmer's Branch. I have trepidation because it is bigger than I need and doesn't have a porch, but it does have a beautiful garage and everything is updated (except windows) and it has a very cool 60s vibe to it (built in 61). I've only seen it for about an hour after I committed to it. It may close next Friday and I might make a run up with a full car next weekend just to start the process, put in shelf liner, etc.

The blues and melancholy continue a bit. I've talked to Mark twice and that has made me (and him) cry. Very much a period on the end of our "sentence." ha

Got everything down from the attic and it is a big pile of SHIT. I wish I could just shovel it on out the door and say "begone." I just found a sack in the storage room full of clothes. Some are kind of keepsake clothing, but mostly not and mostly tattered, but also socks and panties. Why would they have been put away? Maybe I made a sack for Goodwill and it just never went. I need to load the car up for Goodwill and for Half Price Books and get rid of some things asap.

Just got home Tuesday from arkansas. A great solo road trip to Ozark to see my Hood cousin and see where my ancestors lived for a while before they came to Texas. Then a great "reunion" for Pat and David's 50th wedding anniversary. So nice to see all my family. Sad that none of our matriarchs were there. Three are living, but unable to travel.

COVID, the Delta variant, running rampant so I need to be vigilant again with masks, etc. Lots of people even with the vaccine are getting it, though the hospitalized ones are all unvaccinated.

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