Friday, Jul. 02, 2021 12:36 pm


I did NOT get the house on Denton. My offer was (maybe) 4th in line and it was 5% over asking price. How do you know what to offer? I hate that uncertainty. Now I won't know WHEN to offer, either, as I'm afraid the next good house will get away from me. I guess we'll see.

Another cute little one in that neighborhood has already popped up, but it only had one bathroom and was not quite as updated as this one, so I'll let it pass by. I'm considering some of the other ones in the city that are really nice. One with a big sunroom. One that is very close to Mother's place. I'm sure just the right one will come along.

Today I probably need to eat lunch. I'm a little scattered and melancholy? Not really blue, just at loose ends. I need to throw some clothes in a sack and hit the road after a while. I will try to clean the house a good bit more before I go.

Work has felt really pointless this week. I just don't know what my job is and that is a strange position to be in. But I looked at what other programmers are requesting and I can't find very much. I don't know what they do with their time either (except one, who probably runs his record store during his workday).

I am reading a good book right now and I may go finish it since I'm too scattered to do anything else (even get dressed!). It's called The Last Thing He Told Me. I need to look up the author again because some of it is set in Austin and is authentic (Magnolia Cafe, etc). I had it on hold so I'm sure I read about it somewhere, but I never make note of that part.

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