2001-12-16 10:47 p.m.

Pondering New Year's

I hope this one goes up tonight, Diaryland might be having troubles.

We're home from Dallas now so I have my comfortable little office and keyboard and office chair. Life's little comforts are important--especially when this is where I spend so much of my home time.

Drove home in cold pouring rain. Sure made the trip long. I'm eager to go back up there for Christmas because we had such a good time but I hope we aren't driving in cold rain again.

Last night I drove through the rain to get Mark and go to the club in Dallas where they played. He loaded in in the cold and rain and loaded out in it too. It was a good night, I didn't fall asleep on the table and survived until the end. Only slight blip to the night was finding out that my nemisis, Mark's friend, known here at the 'Roid, might be at that club on New Year's when Mark plays there.

At least the circumstance in which he told me all this was positive. I had told him I had to work on New Year's Eve night and wouldn't be there in Dallas. Then I learned Thursday that I wouldn't be needed. I'm sure I had told Mark but it hadn't sunk in. At the club last night I said something about being there. His face lit up and he said he was so happy I would be there. He said earlier this week he had talk to the 'Roid and she asked what he was doing for New Year's. When he said he would be playing in Dallas she said that she was going to be there visiting friends and they would come and see him (joy, oh, joy). He didn't know how to tell me that she was going to "happen" to be there when I wasn't and he knew there would be hell to pay later if he came home New Year's Day and mentioned that she had been there. He, of course, is absolutely right. It still won't make for a great New Year's if she is there trying to be my friend but at least I can keep an eye on things, not that I worry about it too much anymore.

I told him he did need to encourage her to go elsewhere. I don't think this is the kind of club where three single girls are going to have fun. It is all couples and there's no opportunity to meet anyone or really have fun. If I were single and in Dallas (and ten years younger) I would go to the West End.

New Year's Eve two years ago was at this same club. It was the worst New Year's EVER! No, I'm sure I've had worse but the girlfriend of the bass player was a total bitch that night and did her very very best to make us all miserable. She succeeded in a big way. Now she is long gone and we love his current girlfriend so I hope all goes well and we have fun.

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