2001-12-11 7:48 p.m.

An entry

I'll write earlier because I can feel the fatigue coming on. Last night I was energetic and motivated, got to bed late and THEN couldn't sleep. Operating today on 2 hours of sleep last night and 2 hours this afternoon. I think I need a good nightful.

So cold and wet today. I made a great chicken pot pie for dinner and it was great comfort food.

Mark says he did some Christmas shopping today. Yikes! I guess I will have to do some at some point.

I did look through some negatives trying to find one of two that would be okay for a Christmas card picture. Didn't find either. I also promised myself I'd write my Christmas letter, first draft, tonight. I will try to get that done before I fall asleep at the monitor. [what a great name for a band: Asleep at the Monitor]

I love when things work out and you can feel synchronicity making things work. I bought a new monitor for my second computer so the big hulking monitor wouldn't fill up the whole desk. So, left over was a perfectly good, if huge, monitor. Yesterday I happened to mention it to the acupuncturist---a complete techno-avoider. I just mentioned I had it in case she knew anyone that needed it. Turns out her son-in-law to be had found her a computer and keyboard but they needed a monitor. Voila! Problem solved for both of us.

As the weeks begin and I am already feeling whupped I find myself thinking "well, I can get that done on the weekend" and putting things off. I've got to get it in gear and realize that somethings aren't going to wait if I put them off. I am considering the possibility of no Christmas cards or a different way of doing them. We'll see what I manage to get done.

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