2001-04-11 10:07 p.m.


I must be getting very good at my job or caring not-at-all. I am so far ahead this week on work I hardly have to go in tomorrow at all if I don't want to. This, after two years of beating my head against the wall and frequently having to be there on the weekend just to be even. I don't quite know how I got to this point except that I have learned to pump it pretty fast and not worry too much anymore about content.

I got to do some more spots for Time-Warner Cable this morning. I'm happy happy. I'm trying to always be available and ready when they call, and so far I haven't had to say no even one time. I want to move up their roster so I'm their first go-to girl in the future.

I could have gone to hear the band play tonight but I told myself to come home and paint the guest room. I haven't even gotten into my painting clothes yet but I really want to get started on that project just so it is begun. If I can get a few hours in on it tonight maybe I'll have it finished by the weekend. It will be a pretty mint green Easter-y color.

I did have a wonderful weekend this past weekend. I bought native plants at the sale at the Wildflower Center and spent Saturday and Sunday doing some long overdue gardening. Everything is lovely now with every rose bush I have in bloom---including some that haven't bloomed since we have lived here. Gardening tip that has paid off: Prune the roses back a LOT before Valentine's Day. I hated to at the time because some were ready to bloom even then but it has paid off and they are blooming abundantly now.

Saturday night we had a nice pasta dinner at Vinny's. I really was in a Guero's frame of mind--patio, margarita, ambience, but the hour wait didn't jibe with my scenario so we went where there is always room, the wonderful Vinny's. Came home and watched Saturday Night Live. So nice to have Mark home on a Saturday night. It is about to become a rarity again.

Sunday we went to the Austin Arts Festival downtown. I really get inspired by arts festivals and I should rush home and break out the paints and the artwork, but I didn't. Still, it was inspiring. I keep getting that block that says, but what are you going to do with all these paintings? What if they aren't perfect? Are you just going to throw them away? I won't begin unless they are going to be perfect and sell for big money. Stupid childhood conditioning.

We had a nice lunch at El Arroyo so I did get my Mexican food fix in for the weekend.

Mark played Sunday afternoon at the lake but I stayed home and did more gardening and cleaned house. Nice to just be home on a quiet evening.

I had acupuncture Monday and that has been the highlight of the week. I am addicted to that stuff. I wish I could go once a week.

Well, this has certainly been disjointed, but I got it down. Lots of things rattling around my old mind these days.

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