2001-04-13 12:52 p.m.

Lost and confused

Here is what really pisses me off about LIFE. There are so many damn steps to get something done.

I have one of those flexible spending accounts at work where you can set aside money from your pay to be used for medical expenses that aren't covered by insurance and you're paying for those things with tax-free money. So it saves you about 10%, I suppose on prescriptions and acupuncture and counseling and the like. But, dammit, I'm wondering if it is worth the hassle to get the money.

I began gathering up receipts a week or so ago. I carefully got the counselor to give me receipts, I gathered prescription receipts, I got a receipt from the acupuncturist this week. Slowly getting them all together to mail in. Then I couldn't find a form to mail them with. Had to e-mail the corporation and she faxed me the form. So now I have the form and the receipts from the acupuncturist but where have all the other receipts gone too? I had them all paperclipped together with a sticky note on it that said "Receipts for Spending Acct." so I wouldn't forget and now I can't find that packet anywhere. The desk is clean, it isn't laying in the drawers, I looked in a few files where it might have gotten put. Where in the hell could it be?

I need some kava kava. Or Mexican food.

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