Sunday, Sept. 07, 2014 11:29 am

Football Season Begins

I need to do some catch-up I guess. I need (as I've said before) to get to this diary more often. I had a fabulous family reunion in August. I was exhausted for a week after (and weeks before, too), but I think I have recovered now. I haven't done all the projects I need to do to follow-up, but at least the book got done and printed and I know I was having SO much anxiety over it early in the year that that was a big accomplishment. And we've sold 250 or so so the family has made lots of money through me and that is rewarding since I can't contribute monetarily myself that much.

It has been hot in August, but I haven't suffered and I have enjoyed it most days. I drive with my window open on the way home and it is fine. We haven't missed a morning on the porch either (at least not from heat) and I'm glad about that.

We had a BIG rain in the middle of the night last night. Mark had to load up in it, which was a big drag, but then he came home and stretched out on the couch on the porch and got to sleep with the rain coming down.

He has gone off to the Citywide this morning. I am going to clean up in a bit and go to hear a short performance by Jason Mraz. I wish I didn't have to (get to), but I'm doing it for the record guy's sake. He wants me to come and say hello.

I have some typing to do today and the Cowboys "play" this afternoon to open the season so I suppose I should watch that, too. Sometimes I think about not being a football fan and seeing what it would be like just to ignore pro football. I'm certainly not excited about the season. It is almost a chore.

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