Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014 8:26 pm

Fall is here

Mark will be home in a few hours. He has been gone to Kansas City, Terre Haute, and St. Louis. They are driving 800 miles today to be home late late tonight. I'm looking forward to it.

Although I've had a lovely quiet time with him gone, too, of course. Saturday, yesterday, my good friend from college from San Antonio came up and we went cemetery hopping and ate at Cisco's. It was pouring rain the whole day, sadly, so we mainly just drove through the cemeteries we wanted to see. We'll have to go back and walk when the weather is nicer.

I'm not complaining about rain. We had almost 3 inches in a couple of days and the weather is WINTER-like. Not just cool, but actually cold at times. She and I sat on the porch for a while when we got home and then I had to make us move indoors.

This morning I sat on the porch and wrapped up in an afghan. Tonight I took a nap out there. I believe summer is finally over. Fall may not be here permanently, but summer is gone.

I've been having these wild hypnogogic hallucinations at night. I've decided today maybe I am truly not getting enough air while I am not on Afrin. I have surgery to repair my nose on Wednesday and maybe when it is over the hallucinations will go away. We will see, I guess. I have enjoyed them.

Today my hip is acting up again and I don't like that one bit. At Christmas I could NOT walk and was in such pain. This is the other hip and it isn't hurting all the way down the leg, but it is hurting and making it difficult to walk. Not good.

I have so much work to be done this week and next. Lots of things due by the first and I am going to be off work at least 2 days this week. I know I will get them all done one way or another, but it is daunting.

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