Saturday, Aug. 02, 2014 10:25 am

Cool August

July flew. Totally flew. I think I had my head so far into my family book I didn't even look up. I know there was one Sunday night I was still working at 5 a.m. Mark came in, sounding like a father, saying, "Mornings going to be here early" and stuff like that to make me go to bed. Then he came in and kind of got "mad" that I was still up and I would have to go to work in the morning and he had company coming over and I might mess that up, etc. I just shook my head in wonder.... Of course I was still going to go to work no matter how little sleep I had. I just wanted to finish what I was doing. I did NOT succeed. It took me another few days.

But the book is finally done. 75 loose-leaf copies are in Comanche ready to go and the bound copies are on their way and will be in my office on Monday. Hooray. I am so excited to see them and I hope they turned out well. I hope they are well worth the money others will pay and the time I put in on them.

I went through some serious post-book depression, though. More anxiety about whether it would turn out right once it was printed and what people would say and would the "living" complain about the details I included about their lives, etc. I guess I'll face those bridges as I come to them.

I keep saying that now that the book is done I can clean my office, but it is no closer to being clean. I feel quite overwhelmed at the bunch of crap that is here and don't know what to do about it all.

We had company within the past month, too. Last weekend my in-laws were in town briefly, picking up their little 10-year-old grandson. Quick visit.

The cool weather has hit Austin and truly made it feel "fall-like" in the last day or two with lows back into the 60s. This is so UN-August that I don't quite know what to do with it except sit on the porch as much as possible. Some coworkers and I went out to lunch yesterday and sat outside and that was fun. And, yes, we drank.

I guess I haven't even written here since my boss was fired 2 weeks ago. That has been a big drag on the month. Everything now is up in the air and we are all waiting to see where the axe falls next and what will happen to our jobs. I had a little tiff this week with a saleswoman. She hasn't been taking care of our client and I told on her so she was mad. But then she practically tells me that this client is small potatoes so what's the difference? Errrrr. It is my biggest client. No, I don't have any 1000 location clients.

I am going to try to get my world in order a bit today and write some letters and type a bit and write a "real" blog and then go out to see my favorite Jack (heart heart heart) play where Mark is. That might be fun.

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