Sunday, Aug. 03, 2014 2:02 pm


It is a beautiful beautiful day on my patio. I woke up soon after 6 a.m. this morning and knew I would be going back to sleep, but I came out to the patio and slept on the coach out here for hours. It was heaven. The temps have been much lower than normal for these first few days of August and it feels - honestly - like fall is on the way. We have, so far, had very few of the days of oppressive 100+ degree heat. I'm sure there will be more between now and the real fall, but it is wonderful to get these cool ones in the middle of summer. Once I did wake up I continued my morning with coffee on the porch and now I am out here typing doctor's reports with the computer in my lap, enjoying the sounds of the locusts, the fan blowing my just washed hair and cooling my wet scalp, and watching the kitties snooze until they sense a lizard zipping by and then they run to the screen to threaten him a little.

Last night I went to Horseshoe Bay where Mark was working and enjoyed their nice little festival. Of course, the weather made it perfect. It was out on a lawn, small group, free food, 3 oz. of free beer, and great music from Jack. It was so nice to see him again.

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